2021 DevOps Predictions: Doubling Down on CI/CD Automation

There is still so much work that needs to be done with DevOps pipelines, including securing and testing the delivery process. The software developer community knows where it needs to go, but the work and obstacles in the way are always bigger than expected. Because of this, I am skeptical we’ll see big changes in 2021 in terms of tooling or CI/CD patterns. Rather, we’ll see more people realize they need to put more effort into their DevOps pipeline, processes, and validation. They will double-down to accelerate and improve their CI/CD automation. Only when these processes are mature can organizations have confidence in their delivery practices and tooling.

Continuous optimization will take the CI/CD pipeline a step further. We already know that cloud adoption is on the rise and that the CI/CD process works best in the cloud environment. For many enterprises, cloud-native code, namely structures that rely on event-triggered microservices, has made product delivery and upgrades more flexible, but it’s introducing new complexities for optimizing performance and efficiency. For DevOps in 2021, the keyword of “continuous” will extend beyond CI/CD and increasingly be applied to cloud optimization so efficiency and respecting the budget are not sacrificed in pursuit of speed and agility. 


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