5 Questions You Need to Ask When Adopting a New SaaS Tool

Everyone can be lazy sometimes, even the best developers. Because if you’re lazy (and smart), you’ll write code and adopt tools that will make your life easier. We hate the “NIH (not invented here) syndrome” — which can be defined as a tendency for people and organizations to avoid things that they didn’t create themselves.  However, we’re also advocates against the “NDH (not deployed here) syndrome.” If someone has already deployed and is maintaining a tool that I want to use, then let me subscribe and start using it. Bring on your SaaS!

That said, adopting a new SaaS tool, especially if it will have access to your company’s or customers’ data, can sometimes be a risky decision. That’s why, when we adopt a new SaaS tool, we try to ask ourselves the following five questions. Hopefully, they’ll help you to fearlessly adopt new SaaS tools.

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