Am I Ready to Scale My Application?

Most applications begin with a small to medium-sized user base. Even with migration projects, you would not immediately open your new application to the entire existing user base. Instead, you would first test with some internal users, then open up to early adopters.

Nevertheless, if your application is successful, at some point you will face the need to scale it.

The need to scale is a nice problem to have. It means your application is popular and needs to grow. There are many areas where an application needs to scale. For instance, it may need to scale in terms of offered features, or it may need to scale in terms of processing or storage. In this article, we will focus on the scaling in terms of daily active users, or requests per time unit.

Efficiency enhancements for scaling are among the most difficult issues to solve. While there is no silver bullet that can increase efficiency for every application, there are some strategies and techniques that can be applied in many scenarios. We will go over some points to consider when you start to make decisions about scaling your app.

Here is an essential guide to getting you started on AppSec. 

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