DevOps Myths Debunked

Leaders need not be DevOps experts, but they need to distinguish DevOps myths and realities to lead their digital transformation projects.

Leaders need to set an inspiring DevOps directional vision for the organization, and proactively stimulate and sponsor team activities toward goals. To be credible, communication from leaders needs to distinguish between myth and reality. It is easy for leaders to get confused because there are many popular myths surrounding DevOps. It’s important to remember that, in DevOps, definitions and engineering best practices for DevOps has not entirely been nailed down.

As Doug Miller, senior director of strategic partnerships, Perforce Software, said “Working in an industry that has yet to settle on an accepted ‘definition’ for DevOps makes each day a challenge. The ever-morphing landscape makes it difficult for technology vendors and consumers alike to ensure we’re all talking about the same thing in the same way.”

Here are some of the most important myths that leaders need to be aware of.

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