DevSecOps: Rethinking and Reengineering Cloud Security

Organizations are embracing the cloud to modernize legacy applications, create more resilient business infrastructures and support remote work. In fact, Deloitte’s “TMT Predictions 2021: Cloud Migration Trends and Forecast” report suggests that spurred by this growth, cloud revenues will likely continue to remain above 30% through 2025. While cloud migration is predisposed to embrace an agile development methodology enabled with DevOps, many organizations still leave themselves open to risk when modernizing and migrating applications to the cloud by neglecting to embed security into their development operating model, architectural design, and processes.

When migrating to the cloud to modernize applications, DevOps and DevSecOps, as an architecture process, can enable organizations to rethink and rearchitect the security model with a “security by design” approach. If done right, organizations stand to create more secure and agile applications that balance the need for continuous releases in an evolving threat landscape with building customer trust.

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