How to Move Fast Without Breaking Security

“Move fast and break things,” is a familiar motto. The phrase, attributed to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, helps to explain the company’s stellar growth over the past decade, driven by its product innovations. However, while it’s a useful philosophy for software development, moving faster than you’d planned is a risky approach in other areas, as organizations globally realized during the COVID-19 pandemic. While 2020 saw digital transformation program timelines advance by up to seven years, enterprises’ quick moves to the cloud also meant that some things got damaged along the way – including security.

Our recent survey conducted with the Cloud Security Alliance showed that more than half of organizations are now running over 41% of their workloads in public clouds, compared to just one quarter in 2019, and this will increase further by the end of 2021. Enterprises are moving fast to the cloud, but they are also finding that things are getting broken during this process.

The research showed 11% of organizations reported a cloud security incident in the past year, with the three most common causes being cloud provider issues (26%), security misconfigurations (22%) and attacks such as denial of service exploits (20%). In terms of the business impact of these disruptive cloud outages, 24% said it took up to three hours to restore operations, and for 26% it took over half a day.

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