SecDevOps is the Solution to Application Security

Anybody paying attention to world news will notice that the threats and risks perpetrated by cybercriminal actors, in many forms, is a serious problem on the rise, affecting individuals, organizations and nations daily. The AppSec threat space is indeed alarming and growing rapidly. The solution space is struggling to keep up. After all, there is no such thing as 100% security.

But there are ways to successfully implement this strategy.

What is the Solution to Appsec?

In my opinion, the industry has long underestimated the problem of cybersecurity, which has resulted in solutions that do not sufficiently stand up to the cybersecurity threat space. What is clear is that solutions must come from rapid software changes that detect and plug security holes as fast as they are found, and continuously deploy innovative defensive solutions that keep bad actors off their guard. To do that requires Agile and DevOps continuous delivery practices coupled with a security-aware mindset.

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