Should New CISOs Focus More on People and Less on Tech?

Every company faces its own unique technical and security challenges, but new research indicates that most newly hired chief information security officers would be best served by initially focusing time and attention on their workforce, not their systems and processes.

According to a new report from Forrester that draws on interviews with dozens of security executives, a CISO’s first few months on the job are as much a test of his or her political acumen and relationship-building skills as they are about technical skills or digital transformation plans.

Two major themes emerged from the research and interviews conducted with CISOs. The first is that developing human connections is more critical to a CISO’s early success than mastery of the technical details. The second: while it is virtually impossible to fix or address a company’s major security challenges in the first 100 days, it is definitely possible to alienate other business units and irreparably harm your security team’s brand in the eyes of peers and colleagues.

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