Then and Now: The Evolution of DevOps Culture

There are many available resources dedicated to delivering better business value faster. Based on this advice, many organizations and teams are adopting common software delivery practices — even outside the usual use case of providing software (take, for example, SpaceX teams using agile, or leadership teams that use scrum practices and have daily stand-up calls). This progression into faster, better, cheaper, and easier – no matter what you’re delivering – is what makes incorporating DevOps into business practices critical to delivering unmatched value for end-users.

Then and Now

A great perspective to consider when approaching the subject of DevOps is how technology has changed just about everything – how we build, connect, share and educate. Up until the 2000s, for example, the standard turnaround time for taking and sharing pictures was one to three weeks, if not longer. This process used to involve film cameras, darkrooms to process the photographs, photo finishing labs, and hard copy, physical prints. Today, our mobile devices allow us to snap hundreds of professional-quality images and share them immediately online.

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